Les Démocrates              

                Al and W: the Opera  

            Date: December 12, 2000 07:47 PM
            Author: William Strzempek
            Subject: Al & W Casting suggestions

            Picking up on another thread "An Opera Waiting to Be Written," how
            about casting it? Here are my suggestions:
            Al Gore -- Thomas Hampson
            George W -- David Daniels
            Joe Lieberman -- Graham Clark
            Dick Cheney -- Ekkehard Wlaschiha
            Laura Bush -- Barbara Bonney
            Tipper Gore -- Jennifer Larmore
            James Baker -- Paul Plishka
            Jeb Bush -- Gerald Finley
            Kathryn Harris -- Susanne Mentzer
            George Bush -- Philip Langridge
            Barbara Bush -- Beverly Sills
            Other characters in the opera and casting ideas happily accepted!

              Date: December 12, 2000 08:06 PM
              Author: marc
              Subject: Al and W -- The Opera

              Beverly Sills!?
              Bill Clinton - Jerry Hadley
              Hillary Clinton - Loraine Hunt Lieberman whatever her name is)
              Chelsea Clinton - Dawn Upshaw

                Date: December 12, 2000 08:14 PM
                Author: William Strzempek
                Subject: Al and W -- The Opera

                Beverly wouldn't have to sing much. She'd just have to wear a
                white wig and pearls and hit W with her purse. I love the idea
                of Dawn Upshaw in a Chelsea Clinton wig!

                  Date: December 12, 2000 08:54 PM
                  Author: marc
                  Subject: Al and W -- The Opera

                  Can we cast Astrid Varnay as Barbara Bush?
                  Beverly might refuse due to conflicts of interest.
                  I know Chelsea might be a bit too young for Dawn to play but
                  she can pull it off.
                  The only member of the press I would like to see represented
                  would be Barbara Walters. To me she symbolizes the media.
                  Add: Barbara Walters - Renee Fleming

                    Date: December 12, 2000 09:04 PM
                    Author: William Strzempek
                    Subject: Al and W -- The Opera

                    I think Fleming would be hilarious as Barbara Walters.

                    Date: December 12, 2000 09:57 PM
                    Author: Warmgoy
                    Subject: Al and W -- The Opera

                    Varnay's a great thought. She'd probably hit him harder than
                    Bubbles would......

              Date: December 12, 2000 09:20 PM
              Author: Jeff Grove
              Subject: Al and W -- The Opera

              David Daniels as George W.?
              Oh, the irony!

                Date: December 12, 2000 09:26 PM
                Author: William Strzempek
                Subject: Al and W -- The Opera

                If he can handle Handel's runs, he can handle the stammering and
                nonsense arias W would sing.

              Date: December 13, 2000 05:34 PM
              Author: zinino
              Subject: Al and W -- The Opera

              I am not a great lover of Paul Plishka's singing, but I think it's
              an insult to him as a humane, gentle, and well-intentioned artist
              to cast him as that loathsome Princeton classmate of mine Baker.

            Date: December 12, 2000 08:50 PM
            Author: Joan Abel
            Subject: Al and W -- The Opera

            Imagine the Met chorus as the Supreme Court & Fla. legislature!
            Blanche Thebom would be an ideal Katherine Harris, but
            there's...well, maybe not such an age difference! Who d'ya want to
            sing Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, & Dan Rather? Then there's the CNN
            gang. Have fun.

              Date: December 12, 2000 08:58 PM
              Author: marc
              Subject: Al and W -- The Opera

              How about one singer representing the press other than Barbara
              Walters. Babs will get the first interview with the winner and the
              Yes, let the chorus sing the entire press, like a Greek chorus.

                Date: December 12, 2000 09:06 PM
                Author: William Strzempek
                Subject: Al and W -- The Opera

                We might want to cast the women's chorus as The Pregnant Chads.
                The childrens chorus can be The Dimpled Chads. They might even
                be able to sing some of that "in giro, in giro" stuff from
                Mefistofele since this thing keeps going round and round.

                  Date: December 13, 2000 12:44 PM
                  Author: Odeen
                  Subject: Al and W -- The Opera

                  And the male chorus would be The Hanging Chads?

                    Date: December 13, 2000 07:54 PM
                    Author: William Strzempek
                    Subject: Al and W -- The Opera

                    Set and match to Odeen! Very funny!

              Date: December 12, 2000 10:20 PM
              Author: Steve Arnold
              Subject: Al and W -- The Opera

              Perhaps the three network news anchors could be portrayed as comic
              figures like Ping, Pang, and Pong.
              Or one could also stage a concept production of Turandot, with the
              Princess representing symbolically an election victory, with a
              pair of Calafs, a pair of Timurs -- let them each find their
              political father . . .
              I'd better stop before this actually becomes someone's production

                Date: December 13, 2000 08:22 PM
                Author: Joan Abel
                Subject: Al and W -- The Opera

                Good analogy to Turandot. The heads will roll!

            Date: December 12, 2000 09:07 PM
            Author: marc
            Subject: Al and W -- The Opera

            at this point it looks like this opera has no ending!

              Date: December 13, 2000 07:27 AM
              Author: Alan Bromberg
              Subject: Al and W -- The Opera

              It does now, but I'm not sure whether it's a tragedy or a comedy.
              How about Samuel Ramey for Justice Scalia, carrying a marionette
              as far to the right as he can reach as Clarence Thomas?

                Date: December 13, 2000 08:44 AM
                Author: marc
                Subject: Al and W -- The Opera

                Yes, there is an end and it is not happy for either side. Stupid
                and wimpy Supreme Court. How about a variation on the dragon
                from Siegfried for the Supremes? A large marrionette with 8

                  Date: December 13, 2000 08:49 AM
                  Author: Alan Bromberg
                  Subject: Al and W -- The Opera

                  In view of the split on the Supreme Court, I suggest a flying
                  dragon with a large right wing and a small left wing.

                    Date: December 13, 2000 10:52 AM
                    Author: Mark French
                    Subject: Al and W -- The Opera

                    I'm laughing only to keep from crying.

                    Date: December 13, 2000 09:23 PM
                    Author: Don Operatico (donoperatico@hotmail.com)
                    Subject: Al and W -- The Opera

                    There's a left wing....?
                    I'm sorry, but this country is
                    meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssed UP!

            Date: December 13, 2000 01:04 PM
            Author: David Barcena
            Subject: Al and W

            I love it! The only casting changes I would make would be for Joe
            Lieberman - I would cast either Neil Shicoff or Neil Rosenshein to
            make it more authentic. Just in case the composer and librettist
            want to include a prayer scene at a temple. Am I right?

            Date: December 13, 2000 01:16 PM
            Author: Tenore Maggiore
            Subject: Al and W -- The Opera

            How about Charlotte Church playing Chelsea?
            Beverly should not play Barbara Bush. I think she should be the
            heroine. Maybe she should play Ginsburg.

              Date: December 13, 2000 07:22 PM
              Author: marc
              Subject: Al and W -- The Opera

              Give it to Astrid Varnay. Klytemnestra indeed! Barbara Bush in the
              opera should be scary.
              Add a snow sceen but use chads instead of snow flakes. Add a
              ballet too at this point. "The Dance of the Seven Chads" or "The
              Dance of Chads".

              Date: December 13, 2000 07:57 PM
              Author: William Strzempek
              Subject: Al and W -- The Opera

              Barbara's a much better role. Everyone likes playing the villain.

            Date: December 13, 2000 09:31 PM
            Author: Don Operatico (donoperatico@hotmail.com)
            Subject: Caterina di Florida

            I.1.Enter Giorgio. He sings of his new-found joy at having 'won" the
            election and the hand of Media. His brother Alberto arrives. Giorgio
            tells the horrible tale of how -- after finding his beloved Caterina
            with Bucanano, Giorgio took her to Disneyland and left her in
            Cinderella's Castle, crying "Here you remain!" At his accusation of
            having defiled the marriage bed with Bucanano, she fainted (but was
            caught by one of the Seven Dwarfs, or a Miami mobster, I forget
            which). Later, stricken with sudden remorse, he bribed a tour guiide
            to let her out, but he himself had fled to Texas, where, owing to
            his engagement with Media, he was all set to win the election. On
            hearing this news, Alberto realizes that he and Giorgio are rivals;
            but, in a moment of weakness, concedes the election.
            Possibly to be continued

              Date: December 13, 2000 10:51 PM
              Author: marc
              Subject: Al and W -- The Opera

              Call the sequel "Chadgate".
              Four years ahead of chad chad chad chad.

                Date: December 14, 2000 09:08 PM
                Author: Don Operatico (donoperatico@hotmail.com)
                Subject: Caterina di Florida, cont.

                I.2: An old retainer, Clarenzio di Tommaso, is milling about the
                White House, when he sees a mysterious figure weeping before a
                portrait of Giorgio Sr. He is astounded (though the audience is
                not -- but the average IQ of an opera character is not very
                high, and Clarenzio is by no means the brightest star in that
                particular firmament) to behold Caterina. She urges that he be
                silent. She has not come for worldly glory; for but one purpose
                possesses her: to ensure that her beloved Giorgio Jr. win the
                election, and then to betake herself to the talk shows, where
                she shall die. Ah! cries Clarenzio, to what madness has thy
                unrestrained love impelled thee? Unless it be nepotism.
                I.3.Speaking of which, Gebaldo, the brother of Giorgio (I forgot
                to mention that Alberto isn't really his brother, but one whose
                father died on the scaffold, and whose mother was kidnapped by
                the Gypsies and sold into slavery before leaving her son to be
                apprenticed by pirates, and a lot of other struff which you can
                look up in the libretto if it amuses you -- it certainly doesn't
                amuse me in the slightest) and Caterina have a quiet duet, in
                which Caterina pledges herself to do anything for Giorgio, and
                Gebaldo approves of her wisdom in so doing. Caterina is all set
                to hand Giorgio the election on a silver platter, so long as he
                lets her join him and Media in a ménage à trois. But suddenly
                Alberto enters with a court order for a hand-recount.
                Consternation ensues in the Act I Finale. Will evil triumph?

                  Date: December 15, 2000 01:33 AM
                  Author: george topinges
                  Subject: Al and W -- The Opera

                  Has anyone cast Renata Scotto as the Florida Sec. of State?

                    Date: December 15, 2000 06:46 AM
                    Author: marc
                    Subject: Al and W -- The Opera

                    Metzner is cast as Harris.
                    I have an additional role:
                    Linda Trip - Deborah Voigt

            Date: December 16, 2000 07:57 PM
            Author: Don Operatico (donoperatico@hotmail.com)
            Subject: Caterina di Florida

            Act II: Caterina offers herself to Alberto if he'll concede the
            election ... but he refuses, for more alluring to him are the White
            House interns. Knowing that Alberto has won the "popular" vote,
            Caterina is desolate. She lametns Giorgio's fate in a melancholy
            cantabile; then, in the cabaletta, she harasses a chorus of
            minorities and other partisans of Alberto, to prevent them from
            voting. Unfortunately, Alberto appears, draws his sword, and stabs
            III.Caterina is not dead, but has been seen haunting Disneyland in
            spectral guise. The chorus of hand-counters sings "Myah-nyah!"
            Enraged, Giorgio sends a chorus of sgherri (goons) and sicari, led
            by Tommaso di Laio, to rough them up. Alberto fends them off; but
            Giorgio challenges him to a duel. As they fight, Clarenzio di
            Tommaso stabs Giorgio from behind. Tommaso di Laio reveals his true
            identity: Caterina di Florida! She laughs hysterically at the dying
            Alberto before herself dying. For good measure, Clarenzio di Tommaso
            dies of a surfeit of pornography; Media dies of stupidity and for
            having played no part whatsoever in the opera. Alberto dies of
            "bipartisanship." Giorgio yet lives, even triumphs; but is already
            brain dead.