Chapitre 11. Monsieur Roguccio - printable version

On arriving at his new home at Champs-Valinorées, N° 30, the Count of Monte Fato was met by his intendant, Roguccio, who accompanied him to the door after the Count's valet (a Fantôme du Ring) had assisted him in alighting from his eagle.

As they entered the antechamber, the Count contemplated with a critical eye the mosaic on the floor, which depicted a young man upon a white horse, blowing a horn; the horse's head was lifted, and its nostrils were wide and red as it neighed, smelling cabernet-sauvignon afar.

"These are poor mosaics in this antechamber," he said. "I hope well that all that will be removed."

Roguccio bowed, and led the Count into the petit salon.

"Do you know the environs of Annuminas?" said the Count.

"No, your Excellency."

"That is fâcheux," said Monte Fato. "For I wish to go to Barroue-Don this evening to see my property, and in coming with me you would without doubt have given me useful information."

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