Chapitre 25. All's well that ends with absolute dominion

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As Bilbette and Armalvéguil discussed among themselves the mysterious workings of the Author of the events they had experienced, wondering whether their existence were more than a pastiche of classics written by a poor parodist, the Count of Monte Fato knocked softly on their door, whispering, "Open in the name of Mordor!" a pleasantry that highly amused them, and added to the delight wherewith they received him. Meurtrier raised his head and then let it fall again.

"Meurtrier," said the Count, not seeming to notice the different responses his presence produced in his hosts, "I am come to seek you."

"To seek me?" said Morrie, as if awaking from a dream.

"Yes," said Monte Fato. "Had we not agreed that we would go together, and had I not warned you to be ready?"

"Me voici," said Morrie. "I had come to bid them farewell."

"And where are you going, Count?" asked Bilbette.

"To Hobbitonne, to begin with," said the Count. "And I am taking your brother with me."

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