XI. Of Course, He Isn't Actually Dead

XII. They Split Up

"Time to split up," said the druid after he'd recovered. "As few
people should go to the northern Death Kingdom, or Eeek Kingdom, or
whatever it's called, as possible. Most of us are going to Traskadat
to fight the trolls and whatnot. Bozo has to take Sauron's Diary and
kill the badguy with it."

"Works for me; the dumbest plan is always the right one," said
Bozo. "My only consolation is that we're not in a Conan the
Barbarian story."

"Whatever," said the druid. "Who's going with you?"

"I am," said Lovelinda. "I may seem to be utterly useless from a
military point of view. But ... I wuv Bozo!"

"OK, get out of my face," said Waffelon.

"Time for our tearful separation. Boo-hoo and all that," said
Bozo. "We'll meet again, of course, Freddo. You'll get to
swashbuckle a bit, which is all you're really good at, anyway."

"I just hope you're less of a smart aleck," said Fred. "The
wisecracks are getting old."

"Ho ho, I used to think he was funny, but the joke got stale," said

"You're an expendable, y'know," sneered Bozo.

Bozo and Lovelinda began their long and harrowing journey to the
scary place. On the way, they adopted a cute but sinister hedgehog
named Sonic.

xiii. A Couple of Extras Die (A Boring Chapter)